11 Top Easiest Ways to Make Money Blogging

There are various ways to make money from your blog, before launching your blog it’s crucial to choose your niche based not on passions. However, if you wrote an endless amount of blog posts without implementing the right ways to make any money from it, then it’s just a waste of time.

There are numerous articles about how you can find a profitable blog niche. If you don’t do the proper research at the outset, you’re largely wasting your time blogging. You need a niche that has high demand and the potential to bring in a significant amount of revenue. To do that, you should go after the right niche located in the right industry.

Ways to Make Money Blogging

Most bloggers fail because they can’t transition from blogging to business owners. Also, they don’t channel the right ways to make money from it. Before anything else, you need to learn how to start a blog. The first step is getting web hosting and a domain name. I recommend DomainKing if you wish to choose a web hosting from Africa as they have adequate features requires by WordPress.

At times it seems tedious to most people who don’t understand the adequate ways to make money online, but it’s one of the most powerful tools you need in your online marketing scheme. You can’t just set up a blog and expect to make money from it immediately.

Top Ways to Make Money Blogging.

You can start blogging as a side gig, slowly grow it in the background, and turned it into a source of passive, full-time income that eventually lets you quit your 5-7 job. Most of these are achieve able when you focused your blog on audience budget potential, professional leverage, and market demand.

Some bloggers choose a non-lucrative niche targeting a low-value audience and as well forget to leverage networking and connections to their strategic advantage. And they don’t have enough market demand to scale traffic to their blog. Gleaning from this, below are the 11 best ways to make money from your blog.

1. Sponsored Content.

Sponsored Content is when you write an article on a particular brand or company and in return, the company pays you a certain amount for writing either about them or on a topic related to them, their product, their location, service, or brand as well as how to get their products.

This is a tried and true investment for brands of all kinds, and it works wonders in the right scenarios, Which is why it is one of the top list ways to make money blogging. Over and over again, the ways have not only proven to work for advertisers, but has also helped to make money blogging at the same time.

Sponsored content is one of the sweetest deals between a blogger and an advertiser where you’re both truly benefiting from the relationship. As you’ll be building trust with your audience, so they trust you to recommend products that you know and believe in.

Getting Started

So how do you get sponsored? If you run a popular, heavily-trafficked blog, you may already be getting sponsorship opportunities flooding your inbox. If that doesn’t sound like where you’re at today, then let’s talk about what it takes to get sponsored content offers.

As a starter, once your blog is getting popular and receiving heavily-trafficked, you’ll need to identify a handful of products and their companies that fit perfectly into your niche.

Often, you’ll find that it’s products or services you’re already using yourself. Make a list of at least 10 products you’d be eager to advertise and could passionately support.

Next is to visit the websites of your top 10 products and find someone who works in either marketing or PR at the company, and track down their email address using simple blogging tools like Hunter or Voila Norbert.

Keep in mind that many companies who are open to sponsorships actively advertise a sponsorship email address somewhere on their contact pages. Lastly, you’ll have to send them a cold email with your offer to partner up on sponsored content for your readers—with a heavy emphasis on why they should pony up the sponsorship dollars.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

One of the best ways to make money blogging is to opt for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you’re effectively selling products and services for other companies, much like a salesperson. But you never actually have to speak to anyone on the phone or close a deal.

However, as an affiliate, you do need to make certain disclosures. As part of FTC’s regulations, you need to highlight any relationships you might have as an affiliate marketer so that people understand that you’re being compensated for your opinion. Not all affiliates do this to the extent that they should. But you most certainly should.

You can find affiliate offers on sites like ClickBankCJ.comShare-a-Sale, and Impact Radius. You could also approach some companies directly who might not have their affiliate offers listed there. For example, Fiverr and FreshBooks both have their own affiliate programs, outside of the popular platforms. Do the due diligence and find relevant companies you can promote on your blog.

3. Coaching.

If you have something you’re skilled at and very passionate about, you can turn that winning combination into offering your services with one-on-one coaching as one of the most dependable side business ideas that leverage your skills. Coaching among others is another great way to make some money from your blog.

The best part about coaching is that you could easily charge a significant amount for coaching clients. That’s especially true if you’re already established authority in your niche. Even if you’re not, you could setup lower-priced coaching such as group coaching or simply start out at a lower price. Just be sure to implement your own opportunity management system so you don’t get caught up working with clients that you can’t measurably help. 

You can even set up the coaching as a side business idea in the time around your full-time job. On top of just the skill and experience components to being a successful coach, this side business idea is all about building a community around the help you’re offering and fostering trust with members. If you don’t have much experience, you visit youtube for some video tutorial.

4. Advertising & Sponsors.

The very first thing that most people think of when comes to ways to make money or a primary source of revenue for bloggers is advertising and sponsors. Now, although I can tell you confidently that it’s not, many newcomers to the blogosphere opt for this strategy in an attempt to earn an income with their blogs because they think it presents the least friction.

Advertising through popular PPC platforms will present a challenge to newly-minted blogs. You can’t expect to earn much through this strategy unless you have tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. Still, you could opt to find sponsors who would effectively pay you more, send you on free trips, or even cover part of your expenses while building up your blog. You would likely make more money this way than the PPC route. In fact, this is effectively how many Instagram influencers are able to travel so freely.

5. Membership Sites or Paywall.

Creating membership sites or paywalls are other great ways to make money as a Blogger. Simply give away tons of great content and invite readers to pay to read more. You could easily build out a premium content section on your blog that will provide more enhanced tutorials or even video walkthroughs. It’s a simple and effective way to generate money.

The best way to do this is to provide some limited time very-low-priced access to the content. Pick an irresistible number that would be hard to pass up like $1 per month. Once that one month is up, you’ll ask the members to pay another amount to continue accessing your content. This model works great for established sites.

If you have a new site, you could opt for the freemium model. That means, give them limited access to the “paid” membership content for free. You could restrict certain sections and ask them to pay if they want to access to sections. This could remove price objections if you’re a brand new blog with very little authority.

6. Ebooks.

As a blogger, other ways of making money is by simply writing ebooks. There are tons of self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP that offered a great avenue for getting your ebooks to the masses quickly. Also, Createspace was terrific for offering print-on-demand publishing that would get purchased, printed, and sent without ever having to deal with the entire process. Okadabooks is another Amazon Kindle for those who like to publish books in Africa.

You can succeed with the ebook approach and make money by selling them through your blog as long as they’re relevant to whatever it is that you’re blogging about. Create relevant ebooks to your blog’s topical content and you can do well with this strategy.

7. Ecommerce Sales.

Another great way to make money from your blog is through eCommerce sales. Ecommerce is a booming business and what most people don’t realize is that there is a lot of online shopping happening away from big sites and brands like Amazon or Walmart. Your blog provides a great avenue and resource for selling any type of product through an online store medium.

You simply attract the buyers in through content and present them with the eCommerce products as a choice for purchasing. Make sure the content is relevant to what you’re peddling. Don’t write blog posts that have nothing to do with the underlying products if your goal is to make money by selling products off your blog.

You can use a great plugin like WooCommerce, along with a Stripe account, to sell your eCommerce products directly from your blog, which provides very low friction to getting things up and running.

8. Webinars.

Webinars are big-money generators. If you don’t know the first thing about webinars, understand that it’s likely the best way that you can make money online, hands down. This is especially true if you have a pre-existing audience. Selling through a webinar medium is like selling in person. It’s about as close as you can get to do just that.

However, in order to truly make money from a webinar, you need to understand the anatomy of a webinar. What is a webinar exactly and how do you structure one in order to optimize your sales? This isn’t as easy as it sounds and it will take you time to get used to pitching in this environment.

You can also use webinars for training your readers on some subject and do a soft-pitch at the end. Evergreen webinars are great for making passive income, while the live training is terrific if you’re looking for active engagement and trying to sell high-ticket products or services.

9. Online Tutorial.

The best ways to generate online income is through tutorials. Online tutorials offer passive income, which is by far the greatest type of income you could ever generate. But building the courses is nothing short of arduous. First, you have to select a platform.

There are numerous platforms you can use for your tutorial, some of which are Udemy, Ankur Nagpal’s Teachable, or even Kajabi. These platforms are better if you want to control the funnel and the customers more directly. Also, sites like ClickFunnels can be much more lucrative as you’ll get access to a massive member base as well as control the entire funnel.

10. Email Marketing.

As a blogger, email marketing is one of the great ways you can easily communicate with your subscriber and as well market anything you want to sell to them. Though you can’t just spam them, which means you’ll have to regularly deliver valuable content to them. Keep in mind that people are wary these days of parting with their email addresses as there is so much spam out there.

And in order to get that email address, you need to deliver something of value. Like a lead magnet. It could be a simple ebook, a checklist, or something else, as long as it’s consumable in 20 to 40 minutes. You should also automate your email marketing by building out email sequences with drip campaigns such as MailChimpAweber, and GetResponse. Also, there are loads of options out there. All you have to do is choose one of them.

11. Podcasts.

If you can create a regular audience on a specific topic, podcasts are one of the great ways to make money and also get sponsors and fund your side business idea. It is one of the best ways that you can disseminate real value that is being listened to around the blog by countless people who are looking to learn and educate themselves on a variety of topics.

With podcasts, you’ll effectively be building an audience as well as creating a platform. As a blogger, it is one of the vital tools you need. Though you can use social media to achieve this, the podcast medium is going to help you do this bigger and faster than ever before.

Create a podcast that’s topical and relevant to whatever it is that you’re blogging about, as it is the most important thing you could do if you’re serious about making real money from your blog. Always think relevantly to the topics that you’re covering and you’ll be able to peddle a whole slew of products, services, and information like that.

Bottom Line on Ways to Make Money Blogging

If you’re passionate about writing, blogging a great way to get your writing noticed as well as connect with people around the world who need you, teach them what you know, and get paid in exchange.

Though you can start your blog as a side project and slowly grow it in the background. But if you want to turn it into a source of passive, full-time income that’ll eventually let you quit your job, then you’ll have to study hard, practice, master your craft, and put in a lot of work.

So no matter how challenging it may sound, I can categorically tells you that there are lots of ways to make money online only if you find one to implement.

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