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5 Tips to avoid getting banned from Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are one of the most efficient ways to advertise online. Ads are used to target users based on their location, demographic, and profile information as well as connect businesses and marketing with all the right people on any device.

Within the period under review, Facebook Ads have banned numerous accounts without warning. The case of banned Ads on Facebook as being a hot topic for a while now, and effort to tackle this have proved abortive and yield no positive result.

Banned Facebook Ads

In the past months, most Ads Manager have emerged new processes that consistently generate results in getting their banned accounts restored. And we are going to share some of it in this article.

Tips to Avoid Facebook Ads Banned.

Before you jump in and create any Ads on Facebook, it’s important to first think about why you’re advertising and what you’re aiming to achieve. By setting yourself a few goals ahead of going live with Ads, you also have something to measure your success against and as well avoid being banned.

These tips below will help you avoid getting banned from Facebook Ads and also other preventive measures if followed duly.

1. Ensure Compliance with Facebook Ads Policies.

The most common reason accounts get shut down or banned is for violating Facebook Ads policies which is very vital in their line. The policies aren’t the long paragraphs of legalese you might expect. Even though they are easy to read, unfortunately, they can be ambiguous, so do your due diligence.

2. Don’t Attempt to Trick the System.

Robots are behind most banned accounts. They won’t appreciate your bright idea to slide through the rules on a technicality. Follow these steps to avoid the most common policy violations:

  • Be clear about what you’re offering and your intentions.
  • Don’t use link-bait or misleading copy and images.
  • Skip making claims (even if they’re true), tell stories, and provide examples.

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3. Ensure Landing Pages are Compliant.

Compliance doesn’t stop with your ads. It also extends to the pages beyond the click. Besides following the Ads policies on your landing pages, include links to required legal declarations and disclaimers. This documentation often includes a privacy policy, terms and conditions, earnings disclaimers, and wording that says your site is not affiliated with Facebook. Consult a lawyer to ensure you’re properly protected.

4. Run Frequent Engagement Ads.

According to a source, it is imperative your account has an invisible quality score. Subsequently, if that score falls too low, your Facebook Ads account might be banned. Running ads that deliver value and engage your audience builds a positive track record that cushions the negative feedback that most aggressive ads may receive.

5. Always Clean your Account.

Segregate resources between accounts by removing account managers who no longer need access, and use a separate payment method for each account. Delete disapproved Facebook Ads from your account immediately, as they lower your account’s quality score.


As you try to prevent your Facebook Ads account from being banned, try starting a new one with a different payment method. If the option to create a new account isn’t available, don’t circumvent the system. In recent years, Facebook has become more refined and will notice actions such as creating an account under a fake new profile.

Hope you found the post useful and comprehensive!! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to share!

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