6 Best Steps to Make Money Blogging

There are many steps to make money blogging, but getting started with blogging can seem like a bit of a minefield, particularly if you don’t have much tech knowledge. When comes to actually set up a blog, two main options are involved. You can either use a free blogging platform, or you can create your own website.

If you’re considering a career in blogging and really want to make money from it. All you need is something interesting to say and enough patience and dedication to build traffic and a following. But how do successful people really make their money from blogging?

Many of them do sometimes reveal their monetization secrets, while others keep it to themselves. Most bloggers struggle to gain attraction and boost visibility. It’s not easy getting people’s attention these days, there is a massive struggle that bloggers have. As writers, there is so much creative bunch as many don’t have the ability to drive traffic, let alone make any money while blogging.

Steps to Make Money Blogging

Most time you wonder how do the most infamous and well-known and established sites actually make any money blogging. There are many articles online, and you might as well be reading about bloggers making thousands and millions per month and thinking. Don’t think far, all you need is passive income ideas, a few steps, a mindset, and discovered some of the most potent ways to make money blogging. 

Steps To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest and most sustainable sources of income on the internet if one actually wants to make good money. Whether you have a blog right now or you’re just thinking about starting a blog, understanding how to make money doing it is critical. Most people that start a blog eventually lost when it comes to generating an income from it.

The beauty of blogging is that not only can you generate a part-time income, but you can also actually make enough living off the money generated. Click here to download my free step on how to create your own blog now. There are certain steps and paths that you need to follow to make money blogging. Once you take the right steps you can expect to reap the benefits.

Step 1 — Find A Profitable Niche

There are numerous articles about how you can find a profitable blog niche. If you don’t do the proper research at the outset, you’re largely wasting your time blogging. You need a niche that has high demand and the potential to bring in a significant amount of revenue. To do that, you should go after the right niche located in the right industry.

There are primarily three industries that you’ll find the most profit in online. Read the article to see what they are. But, more importantly, you need to select the right niche within the industry. Remember, these industries are vast. You can’t expect to compete with well-established blogs if you’re serious about gaining quick traction unless you pick the right niche.

Step 2 — Launch Your Blog

There’s definitely a right and wrong way to launch a blog. You could do an all-star launch that will get you some much-needed traction. Or, you could fizzle out, crash and burn from the get-go. Considering there are so many aspects when it comes to starting, configuring, and successfully launching a blog, you honestly need to do it the right way or it’ll be a wasted effort.

Properly configure the site, ensure that the URLs are canonical, create a pleasant design that’s fast-loading, and so on. You also have to ensure you go with the right hosting provider. You can think of your hosting provider as your partner. When something goes wrong, can you turn to your partner? Will you get quick support if there’s downtime or your site gets hacked for example.

Step 3 — Build An Evergreen Content

Most people wonder how much content is enough content for when you launch a blog. Well, it’s not just about quantity. Clearly, it’s about quality. But it’s also about evergreen content as opposed to content that has a shelf-life. The first thing to always do when launching a new blog is to ensure having at least 10 high-quality evergreen pieces of content. If you can launch with more, then that’s even better.

Evergreen content is the type of content that stays relevant for a very long time. Don’t think news and events; think tutorials and walkthroughs. The more time and energy you put into these, the more relevant they’ll be, and ultimately, the more visibility and traction they’ll gain. This isn’t just about organic search rankings. You’ll want useful and relevant content that’s going to help you attract, nurture, and build the right audience with paid marketing as well. So don’t try to take shortcuts here if you seriously want to make money from blogging.

Step 4 — Focus on Site Speed and Other Technicalities

While the technicalities of launching a blog might not seem all too appealing to you, if you really want to make serious money from blogging, you need to address site speed. Google, in a fairly recent study, found that 53% of users are likely to abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Think about it yourself. Wouldn’t you prefer a fast-loading site over a slow-loading one? Even if you had to dig a bit deeper for the answers you were seeking, we’d all opt for speed over sluggishness.

There are a few important tools you can use here to ensure that everything is running smoothly. First, dig deep into some of the SEO optimizations that you can do. Next, use Google’s Page Speed Insights tool. You can also use tools by GTMetrixPingdom, and Varvy. Then, ensure you install Google’s AMP plugin along with the corresponding AMP Analytics configuration.

Step 5 — Add A Powerful Backstory To Relate Your Journey

Next, you’ll need to relate your story to readers. The truth is that people want to know about you. Who are you and where did you come from? What made you want to start the blog? The more they know about you, and the deeper you delve into your backstory, the more they can connect. If you do this in an authentic way and offer some transparency into your life, you’ll find blogging more interesting and easier to make money from it.

Why? People buy on emotion. Not on logic. And if they can connect with you on an emotional level, and they learn your struggles and a bit about who you are, they’re far more likely to become loyal fans and followers. This crowd will buy just about anything you peddle them because they believe in you rather than simply discovering your blog one day and finding a useful piece of content. It’s very powerful. Try it and see what happens.

Step 6 — Create Secondary Pages

No blog is complete without adding a good deal of secondary pages that include things like privacy policies, terms of use, contact details and other information to help legitimize your blog. If you’re at all serious about generating an income from your efforts, be sure to take the time to craft all the adequate details that the world would want to know. Properly position your blog to protect yourself legally and financially as well.

There are loads of steps that you need to take, but this is going to put you into good graces with search engines like Google. It’s simply good practice to ensure that you handle all the meticulous details so that you provide a concrete foundation for your efforts going forward.

Final Verdict on how to Make Money Blogging

If you’re passionate about writing, not only is blogging a great way to get your writing noticed, but it’s a great way to connect with people around the world who need you, teach them what you know, and get paid pretty damn well in exchange.

Smart Blogging is the best and most comprehensive as they go deep on how to make money blogging. In my opinion, the unique thing to do is to follow the steps above, find a way to monetizing traffic to the blogsite. Then learn about marketing, list building, customer research, automation, or funnels, and within a small time, you’ll start making money from it.

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