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7 Tips to Stay Focused on your Goals

One of the biggest challenges new entrepreneurs battle with is staying focused and on target for their goals. This can be especially true after weeks and months of trying to stay positive and working every day toward our goals, and not quite hitting the bullseye just yet. The good news is, you’ve almost made it! The trick is, going the extra mile until you make it all the way to your dreams.

Focused on Goals

I’m going to share with you 7 powerful ways to stay focused, so you can achieve powerful results! These aren’t just for your entrepreneurial endeavors, however. You can apply these to a variety of situations so that you can achieve the powerful results you desire in all parts of your life!

Write down your goals! 

This one might seem like a cliche when talking of how to stay focused, but if you were, to be honest with yourself, did you really write down your goals? If they aren’t written down, they don’t have a way of becoming real, because they’re in your head much like a daydream. Make the dream reality by writing them down. You then commit them to your conscious memory, and your brain will then subconsciously help you in doing things that get you closer to your goal.

Review your goals every day! 

As you can see, you can’t do this one unless you did step one. If you already did step one, then bear in mind that the first thing you do to stay focused when you wake up is to review your goals each and every day. Take just a few minutes in the morning for yourself to help you get on track for the day. If you were to even put them up on your bathroom mirror, you can see them each day you wake up, and remind yourself why you’re so pumped up and excited to be getting out of bed and striving each day to achieve new heights.

Seek out a mentor! 

There aren’t enough words to convey how much I believe in the power of a mentor. All throughout my life, I’ve had several mentors in various aspects of my life and career, and I owe my success to mentors that selflessly gave to me. I honor their generosity by striving to mentor others.  You, too, can find a mentor to help you strengthen that which needs boosting. Evaluate where you are now, and what you are weak in, or what skill you lack, and seek out a mentor who has already succeeded in that area. You’ll find that most people love to help others to stay focused on their goals, and if you’re humble and sincere, it might happen even sooner than you think!

Read, read, read! 

I have never met a successful business person, family person, or overachiever who wasn’t an incurable reader. Those who read just simply take in more information each day that they can apply toward their own success. Now I don’t mean reading the morning paper with your coffee. I mean taking an hour each day to study something new by way of a book or even a magazine that pertains to your pursuit of excellence. In other words, if you’re looking for ways to start a business quickly and easily, you may want to avoid the book that shares the secrets of the ya-ya-sisterhood until a later date. Reading helps you keep focused by showing you ways to get to your goals in directions you may not have thought of!

Avoid negativity! 

This one is perhaps the hardest of them all. At times, we all like to throw our own pity parties, don’t we? When we surround ourselves with negativity and negative people, it’s contagious, like the flu! Getaway from all that negativity, and you’ll find yourself energized and recharged, just in the fact you don’t have that dark cloud hanging over you. When we get negative, we like to share it with others. If you stay away from others like that, you can’t get sucked in.  Negativity only keeps you unfocused and serves to divert you from your goals and have no purpose in your life. This includes friends and family, too! If they’re negative, and wants to keep you unfocused or drag you down from your goals, it would do you a world of good to distance yourself from that, as hard as it is, because that is only toxic to your goals.

Share your successes with others! 

This doesn’t mean you can do the superiority dance and tell everyone how you’re so much better than they are. This is meant to make your achievements real, each and every one of them, by sharing it with others. You’ll find that the positive people in your life, and your mentor, will be thrilled to hear you’re one notch closer to your target! And, you may very well inspire someone else to take charge of their future, and start doing the things that get them focused and closer to their goals. That’s how we help each other! Nothing wrong with a little celebration to remind you that you’re on the right track to success!

Just do something! 

Too many times I see paralysis by analysis by all kinds of people. This is where someone gets so bogged down in the details, making sure everything is just right, that nothing gets done. You’ll find that when you take action, no matter how large or small, you’ll be taking action toward your goals. That means you can maintain focus by using forward momentum to help get you there. Just do something, even if you have to do it over, so that you are always taking action on your goals, therefore getting yourself used to the feeling of getting things done. You’ll find that efficiency and accuracy will soon follow.

These 7 ways above are tried and true ways that I’ve done myself to insure success in anything I do.  Of course, some successes take longer than others. The thing to remember is that if you commit to your success, you can’t fail.  Use the tools above to achieve powerful results, and I know you’ll be unstoppable!

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