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Best Income Ideas you Need to Know Before Startup

Clearly, there are numerous income ideas you need to know that can generate an income online. I know you might have seen many people touting the latest and greatest money-making scheme on the internet. Some are true while others confirm to be false.

However, that doesn’t seem to be what holds most people back from earning or side-hustling in the digital realm. No. Not at all. Most people believe that others can do it. They simply don’t believe that they can do it. I get it. I’ve been there and I can relate.

Income Ideas

Of course, it’s especially true if you’re trying to make money. Because the true fact is, there are complexities involved with earning a substantial amount of cash. As a matter of fact, there are many things attached to income ideas that you really need to know, and once you understand the fundamentals, this becomes a walk in the park.

Income Ideas you Need to Know

Most people don’t understand the basis for what causes the generation of cash as a rule. And, yes, there is a hard-and-fast rule. These income ideas are not only pertaining to the online world alone but also about the real world. No, not the strategies and the tactics. That’s secondary.

The truth is that most people ventures into various business as if they know all it takes, then stop halfway and give up when things don’t seem to go as expected. Persistence is the real key to success. That’s the truth no matter what you try to accomplish or achieve. Here are some Income ideas you need to know and implement.

The Essence of Money-Making Online

At the basis of it all is one thing and one thing online. Solving problems. The bigger the problem that you can solve, the more money you can make. Think about it yourself for a moment. When you have a big problem that needs to be solved, what do you do?

Let’s say you have a rodent infestation in your house. That’s a problem, isn’t it? What do you do? You go online and figure out how you can solve that problem. Maybe you search for a professional to help. Or, maybe you jump on Amazon and you search for products that can solve that problem.

Either way, it’s a problem. And solving it is paramount. Especially if you have children or a family that you need to protect. In those cases, we would pay just about anything. But there are many levels of problems that need to be solved in every industry.

How Will You Solve the Problem

First and foremost, understand that if you solve a small problem, you’ll get paid a small wage. Let’s say McDonald’s has a problem. They need someone to flip burgers or work the cash register. It’s a small problem because it can be solved by just about anyone. In turn, the wages are small.

Now, I’m not knocking working at McDonald’s. I’m only illuminating this as a small problem that can easily be solved. Why? Because just about anyone with a pulse is qualified to work at McDonald’s. Now, what about bigger problems? What are the bigger problems that can be solved?

Problem Size = Payment Size

For example, there are industries that are complex. Like, for instance, SEO. Most people have a problem ranking. They don’t understand the complexities of SEO. It’s an incredibly large problem. Why? Because businesses are spending large amounts of money for visibility.

But SEO is free. And it provides massive organic exposure. And that’s precisely why you can charge $50,000+ per month to help businesses beat their competitors on Google’s search engines. It’s a massive and very complex problem. And I understand the inner-workings implicitly.

Now, I’m not trying to impress you at all. I’m simply making a point. If you can solve a big problem, you can receive a big payment. That’s it. Plain and simple. Just remember that this is the very essence and basis of what it takes to make a large amount of money online or offline.

Time vs. Money

There are so many people out there who make a massive mistake. They want to earn but they don’t know the right income ideas they need and where to turn. And when they do turn somewhere, they do it the wrong way. They directly exchange their time for money by entering into an hourly scenario where they get paid for their time.

But here’s the thing about that. Time is not on your side. It’s finite. Not infinite. Yet, we all have the same amount. The billionaire and the pauper each have 24 hours in a day. You can’t buy more. And once you spend it, it’s gone forever.

The difference here is that wealthy people understand this concept very well. They know that time is precious. And that exchanging time for money is a losing battle. Of course, you have to survive. And you might need to get paid hourly to do that. But just understand that getting rich or wealthy can never happen if you directly exchange your time for money.

The Power Of Passive Income

Some of the money-making strategies you’ll see here fall into the realm of passive income. Just understand that passive income is a steep climb. Either you need money to invest in something that can earn you passive income, or you need lots of time to invest.

For example, you can buy income property if you have the money. Multi-family homes, for example, can produce cash flow every single month. But that doesn’t mean you need money to earn passive income. You can invest your time wisely to do it as well.

You can write books, create audiobooks, make courses, build sales funnels, and more. All of these things can produce passive income without a huge investment of capital. But you do need to invest your time. But if you’re going to focus on anything, my advice to you is to focus on income strategies that don’t require you to be there to make money.

It might look easy, but find ways that you can make money while you sleep and focus on multiple streams of income. Don’t just rely on one income strategy. Invest your time in creating income ideas based on what you know and launching multiple ways that you can earn money so that you don’t have to rely on your time to earn.

Your Value Proposition

Aside from solving problems, if you’re serious about making money, you have to understand the second concept that generates cash. And that is the value proposition. In other words, how much value are you offering to people in exchange for the money they’re paying you?

This is no small thing. it’s the basis for what we call the irresistible offer. Real marketers understand that if they don’t deliver massive value, they won’t generate cash as a rule. So, not only do you have to solve big problems, but you also have to deliver massive value while solving it.

This applies to both passive income and active income. But make sure you heed this advice. Don’t try to do the least amount of work for the greatest return. Always ponder on the income ideas you know and how you can turn it into a money-making machine for yourself.

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