How to Earn Bitcoins for Reading Books in Nigeria

I know many people would have wondering if it’s really true to get paid in Nigeria for reading a book of your choice online, but this is true, there is a rewarding site that let you earn Bitcoins for reading books online in Nigeria. Hundreds of books are available on the site, where you can claim Bitcoin just by turning pages of a book once every few minutes.

Though am not saying this is a get rich overnight site or the most suitable way to earn Bitcoins, but it is a combination of two passions, read different book of choice AND as well get paid for reading books in Nigeria so which I believed should sound pretty pleasant for some people. Especially those who are interested in bitcoin but have no experience on how to get it yet.

1. PaidBooks allows you to earn a small amount of Bitcoin and get paid for reading books in Nigeria. It has the same functionality as a regular faucet but instead pays users for reading classic books. It is one of the more interesting and engaging methods of giving away free money, it pays into your balance every ten minutes, and at the end of the week, your balance is sent to your Bitcoin wallet.

Registration Procedure on PaidBooks:

  • Then click ‘finish registration’ to complete. Once, registration is complete you can log in directly just by using your BTC address and there is no necessity of password.


Payment Procedure on PaidBooks:

  • Here is how you can get paid to read books on PaidBooks. Once you successfully log into your account, the front cover of hundreds of books will be displayed.

  • If you wish to study, you can select a book by selecting the genre. If not, you can just select any book at random.
  • The e-book will open on a new tab and you can commence reading or scrolling, but you have to wait for 10 minutes to start claiming.
  • You don’t have to stay on the same page for the whole 10 minutes as you can as well do anything while waiting.
  • Once the timer completes, the proceed button will be activated as shown below.
  • Now, click on the “Get paid and turn to next page” button to claim the Bitcoin.
  • The allotted Bitcoin will be credited to your account directly.
  • Repeat the same process by claiming bitcoins once in a 10-minute interval.
  • Paid books will send mail to your mailbox, once your account reaches the payout limit. You should click the confirmation link to process your payment.
  • Payment will be directly sent to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Payments are processed Monday every week.
  • If you wish to earn Bitcoin full time, I recommend you to read my 5 Amazing ways to earn Bitcoins.
  • If you wish to earn more Bitcoins you can as well refer your friends to Paid Books. They pay 25% as a referral commission.


2. Online Book Club

The Online Book Club is one of the best sites to get paid to read books. While the site listed above pays for reading books directly without any terms, this site do not pay for reading e-Books directly, instead, they pay for reading the content and completing the instructions. It’s one of the oldest community which pay the readers for reading books to giving a review on the books.

Being one of the best eBook forums with thousands of potential readers, Online Book Club helps the book writers and content creators to get feedback on their books from their community. You could be a part of their community help the content creators to get better and earn money at the same time.

For now, become part of their free online community specially made for the book lovers and earn money.

Don’t forget to drop your comments below as well as your contributions for others to benefit.

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