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Quora is a Q & A (Question-and-Answer) website that enable people to ask various kind of questions and get their answers as well as answering any question. Sequel to the popularity gaining of Quora in the digital marketing world and also a starting point for a newbies in blogging space to practice more on writing about various niches, I can practically say it is one of the most very powerful source for bloggers to drive traffic to their websites, blog or digital shop and in turn earn money from Quora. Recently, Quora has announced that Space admins can Earn Money on Quora Spaces.

Quora Money, Earn Money on Quora

So let’s see how Quora going to help you to Earn money on Quora Spaces.

There’s a lot of things one need to understand about Quora, some of which are;
Quora Partner Program: an elite program where one can earn money by just asking questions, in which you cannot apply for this program as only regular and elite contributors will get an invitation from Quora to join this program.
Quora Space: a group or community known as space. You can earn money on Quora spaces only as a contributor, and your space needs to be eligible before you can do so.
In this article, we’ll be discussing Quora Spaces, and basically “How to earn money on Quora Spaces”, which is going to be available for everyone very soon.

Quora Space

Space is a platform on Quora, that allows people to create a community type channel or group, where people with common interests come to search the answer to their questions, create links about a particular area of interest as well as organize their own writing into different sections. They can also ask questions in that space and share their content by becoming a contributor. The good thing is that anyone can now create a space in Quora by going to the Spaces page and clicking “Create space”!

What’s new in Quora Spaces?

It can be recalled that the new model is still under beta testing mode and only specific Quora users who are popular and a regular contributor were allowed to create their spaces, only if Quora invites them to do so.

One important thing to know is that Quora was not sharing any part revenue with its contributors.

But recently, Quora has announced that it will share some part of its revenue with those who will start and grow Spaces.

Quora’s intention behind this decision is simply to motivate and attract more people to come and contribute to Quora.

Further, after the release of this new feature, anyone can create their dedicated space according to their interest which in turn will increase the number of space will increase, more advertisement will be shown up in spaces, which means ‘money’.

How to make money on Quora Spaces?

The first thing you need to know about Quora is its strict rules and regulations in which one should be very careful while posting anything on Quora, otherwise your content may be deleted or your account will get banned or both.

After reading the terms and conditions properly, you are ready to write answers and ask questions. I would suggest you not to show any hurry in creating Quora Space if you are new to Quora. First, explore the platform, read answers, join other spaces, and contribute to them. This will give you a rough idea about the platform and prevent you from making any mistakes.

There are thousands of topics available on Quora. Choose a topic you know about, and keep yourself engaged with that. You have to be regular and active. Once you have gained the experience, you can create your own space. Start sharing content to your space, invite others to contribute to your space, etc.

The big Questions is

How does a Space earn money on Quora?

Space’s earnings are based on how much people engage with Space and the advertising revenue generated from their usage.

Means of Payments

Quora uses Stripe to manage payments, once space has a balance of more than $10 at the end of the month, the balance is paid out to the connected Stripe account by the 10th of the next month.

Financial institutions may take 3-5 business days or longer to process the payment and deposit it in your account.

Who manages the earnings for a Space?

The Space owner manages earnings for Space, in which the admins, moderators, and contributors of the Space can view the person managing earnings on the “Earnings” tab once it is enabled on the Space.

What are the requirements to earn money through a Space?

To participate in the Space Earnings Beta Program, the Space owner needs to verify residence in an eligible country. Then, Space needs to earn a minimum of $10 before this owner can request an eligibility review. After approval, the owner needs to accept the terms and conditions and connect a bank account through Stripe. The Space is now ready for payments.

Spaces should not contain content that enables dishonest or illegal behavior, endangers other people, or is inappropriate for the Quora community. Click here to read more. The review process can take up to 3 business days. We appreciate your patience in the process.

Please see What policies do Spaces need to follow to enable earnings? for more details.

Quora Space Money, Making Money from Quora Space

Spaces Earnings Policies

Yes. Once a space is ready for re-consideration, the owner can reach out to Quora and include a link to Space for re-consideration.

Why haven’t I received money in my account?

Financial institutions may take 3-5 business days or longer to process the payment and deposit it in your account. Financial institutions may take 3-5 business days or longer to process the payment and deposit it in your account. Currently, Quora displayed the earnings are only displayed in one currency which is USD.

Are taxes withheld from Spaces earnings?

No, taxes are not withheld. Please see How do I file taxes on the money I’ve earned from Spaces? for more details.

A Space owner contacted me to pay me money as part of my contributions to Space. What should I do?

If a Space owner contacts you for payment, please ensure you are using legitimate payment sharing methods to minimize any potential fraud risk between you and the Space owner.

Do not share any sensitive personal or financial information.

How can Space owners share their Space’s earnings with moderator and contributor?

Once Space has been approved for earnings and the owner has completed the Stripe account setup, the admins, moderators, and contributors on the space will receive a notification that Space is now earning. If you haven’t already, you should consider (as the space owner) if and how you wish to share earnings with the group. The “Most Active” section on the “Earnings” tab shows what actions people are taking to contribute to the success of the space. This information can help guide the way you wish to reward people for contributing to your space.

Payments for your space are paid to the account you connected to Stripe whereby you can coordinate with your team on how to distribute earnings from that account. Also, you need to use legitimate payment sharing methods to minimize any potential fraud risk between you and other admins, moderators, and contributors. It is worthy of note that if you decide to share earnings with your team, your approach may have tax or legal implications, and you may wish to consult with a tax or legal professional for advice.

How to remove my space from the Space Earnings Beta Program?

Reach out to Quora here and include a link to your Space then submit


What happened to blogs?

Now, you won’t be able to see the “blog” option on Quora. Quora has recently upgraded all Quora blogs and converted them into spaces.

Is there something new with Spaces?

Yes, you will find an option to Queue your posts, which means you can schedule your posts to get posted automatically at the selected time. You can also select the frequency of postings during the day.

What kind of contents does Quora promote?

Quora promote contents which are unique. Try to ask questions never asked before, answer questions that have less number of responses and more number of requests. This will help you to gain popularity quickly.

What to avoid?

Avoid answering to dumb questions. It sounds strange, but unfortunately, there are certain people who keep asking useless questions on Quora. This will affect your authenticity, as answering dumb questions doesn’t make you learn something new.

So, start spending your time on Quora, it will not only make money for you, but you can also learn new things from different communities, clear your doubts, and interact with others by reading their views and ideas on different topics. Keep learning.

Hope you found the post useful and comprehensive!! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to share!

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