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How to Use Video to Boost Sales

The use of video to market products and services has now become a must for every business entrepreneur as it helps to boost sales. Video marketing is a unique way to boost sales in a way that the video content captivates the customers’ attention, showcases the product you are marketing in action, and builds trust with your target audience. In turn, they share the video with friends and colleagues until it goes viral and in turn boost and as well increase your sales.

If you have any product, content, or innovation that you want to bring to life and as well convince people to patronize it, the best way to doing it is with a video. It’s pertinent to know that videos dominate news feeds, captivates people’s attention, and everyone loves to watch it. So, if you really want to connect with your customers, interact with them, and boost your sales, it is recommended to create a video of your sales.

By video marketing your goods and services, it means you are establishing higher levels of brand trust with your customers, you are creating a shareable marketing tool, you are cementing your customers’ expectations of your brand and product, you continue to boost your sales and as well allow your customers the opportunity to do some of the work of marketing for you by making the video viral.

Video Marketing

Creating Your First Video

To boost market sales through video one needs to be versatile with the important tools of all which is continuity and commitment. As such, below are tips and ways you can use to creating your first video content to boost your sales.

1. Keep it Simple & Short.

Videos/Ads are created to solve a particular problem or the other, but to pass the message you need to keep it short, approximately 35 seconds of your video to the problem your concept solves. Commercials are short for a reason. Your goal is to convey the benefit of your product idea as quickly as possible. It’s not about you. It’s not even about the features of your idea. You need to make people care. Focus on making an impression while including as much detail as possible.

The impression you are making should be based on the solution your product can offer, how it’s going to solve the aforementioned problem, how it will make your audience lives better, why the consumers will want to buy it, and not a product currently on the market. This should be the most important aspect of your video, so make sure the impressions focused on it. There’s an endless amount of creative ways you can stage your video to highlight the benefit of your concept. All you need is to strategically think about the business goals you want your video to contain. You can use it for creating awareness, increasing your visibility, building trust and credibility, generating leads, launching a product, growing your list, driving web traffic, selling a service—the list is almost endless. Understanding your objectives upfront will determine your message, platform, and distribution.

2. Use Unique Equipment and Software.

Using a unique equipment when video marketing does not simply mean you have to buy an expensive DSLR Canon Camera, you can as well start with your smartphone, as I can assure you it will work perfectly. You’ll need to acquire an external microphone as the one on your phone might not be able to pick up your voice if you’re too far away. Also, you will need to get a tripod as you won’t be able to hold the phone yourself while videoing. If you are using a PC or Laptop with Microsoft Windows, download Windows Movie Maker or any other related software, but when using Apple products it is equipped with iMovie. You don’t need any special learning or tutor on video editing to create an effective video. Watch tutorials on YouTube to become familiar with them. Note: Mostly when viewing it on your phone the resolution might not look great, just wait until you’ve uploaded it to your PC to determine if it’s good enough.

3. Practicalize.

You need to practicalize your video production in numerous ways in other to attain a positive output. This can be done by trying to film from different angles, including close-up and at a distance, try different lighting, different posture as well as different background. Just have in mind that your aim is to have more than enough content to play around with once you begin editing. Rough prototypes look great on camera, so don’t obsess about perfecting yours as you might be amazed at what the output will look like.

Ideas to Video Boost Your Sales

Video Marketing is increasingly popular nowadays as it tends to boost your sales, provide the perfect complement to both online and offline business regardless of whether the video is produced simply for fun,  information, or is intended to be instructional, videos play a critical role in any brand’s marketing strategy. In order to achieve such, here are some ideas to boost the video:

1.  Use of YouTube Channels and Blogging.

One of the unique aspects for any brand to showcase or promote its video is through a YouTube channel. Here you can create stand-alone videos or a playlist of videos explaining your brand, company culture, and the products you want people to fall in love with and share. Also, blogs are a great marketing tool as it significantly increases the perceived trustworthiness of the product. A key to making this tool effective is consistency. If you are using a blog on your YouTube channel for building trust, a regular upload schedule is key. 

Also, you can as well add videos from YouTube right to your blog site so that you can boost your sales by receiving audience engagement on your blog site and YouTube channel at the same time by driving traffic from one to the other. To create your YouTube channel content you can hire someone to manage your content or do it yourself.

2. Post on Social Media

Social media is the biggest way to use video content for marketing as you can increase your brand awareness using video ads on social media, you can keep your target audience engaged with your brand, and you can even sell items on social media.

Posting to social media about a new product being released grows anticipation and can even promote social engagement. Often it can grow your brand awareness as a side benefit. Be sure to post regularly leading up to your live product release, and post all the relevant links in your video description, so your audience can engage with your video.

Social media videos are an ever-rising mode of marketing and boost your sales. There are tons of social media to be used such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Once your video is uploaded there is a tendency for your target audience to share it on their own social story, meaning your engagement gets extended. You can as well post video stories to Instagram and copy them to Facebook stories, or you can post separately.

When using Instagram to post videos, learn how to use the feature that allows continuous video, and then splits into segments for stories is a must. Another few ways to increase your marketing power on Instagram stories is by adding relevant hashtags, you can even hide a few hashtags by matching colors on the image, thereby increasing views and having uncluttered images and video. Another tip is to save your stories so you have a history of marketing content and can retain continuity.

When using Facebook to create your videos, you can also post the same video to Instagram right from Facebook. However, social engagement and strategy are often different on each social platform. It is perfectly acceptable to post different content on each version of social media because as you’re doing so, you set up a style test to see which content engages more people and in turn boosts your sales more.

3. Post Live Video on Social Media

Live video streaming has become a must-have as a part of the day by day social marketing strategy to boost sales. Customers have gotten to the point of expecting live videos from different brands. Mostly, live video always feels like a conversation with a good friend as it allows audiences that are not able to be in the same location to participate with your brand and engage, even if they cannot physically be there in person.

If your business frequently hosts events, video compilations are an excellent choice to engage your audience and consumers as it will open their eyes to see what events with your company look like, and it creates a possible desire for them to be at the next event. Be sure to promote your live video ahead of time to ensure the best audience engagement possible. It is an excellent idea to do a test run before going live. Posting links in the live feed is also a way to help engage audiences during the video feed.

Also, a team of people to help you by operating the camera, monitoring sound quality, and managing questions that appear on the live feed in comments. it often includes copying and pasting into a Google Doc and having multiple laptops during filming. Be sure to spend a little time working on your video description ahead of filming. Important information and links should be there when you go live.

4. Vblogging

Vblogging (video blogging) is another great way to post about your products and boost your sales. You can post different kinds of videos on all the various forms of social media. It is a great way to educate and engage with your customers, increase sales, and build consumer trust. Make sure you add links and calls to action in your Vblogging descriptions.

5. Conduct Research

Though, the top lists might have entails most of the popular ways to video boost your sales, nevertheless conducting research is another effective way to increase your sales through video content, there are many more options for ways to use and create video content that will increase your sales. All you need do is to figure out which one might work best for your brand and then conduct some research on it because that’s the only way the ideas you read about in this article can become useful and implemented.

Once you research and start using video and ads to boost your sales, you’ll be glad you put in the work and your business only has great things to gain by adding videos to your marketing strategy.

Hope you found the post useful and comprehensive!! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to share!

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